Ballinacree Banner

Ballinacree Banner

The Ballinacree Banner was bought in 1911 for £14 off S R Watson in Sackville St (now O’Connell St) in Dublin. It was picked up at the Railway Station by Ned Alwill

The cost was made up of voluntary subscriptions by local people and people from the surrounding areas. The largest subscriptions was from William Ahern of Ross Qarrries who was a prominent member of the United Irish League and Rev Fr Francis Gerrard the local parish priest both of whom subscribed £1.

340 people subscribed towards the cost, raising a total of £25 2s 10d.

Its first major outing was to the unveiling of the Parnell Monument in Oct 2011. In the years that followed it was carried in front of the band at political meetings, sports days etc. It was carried from Ballinacree to the fair green in Oldcastle to attend a meeting of the Volunteers at which Sean McDonagh one of the 1916 leaders spoke.

Following independence its major outings was the Eucharistic Congress in Dublin in 1932 and the Eoin Roe  Tercentenary Commemoration in Cavan 1949. It was also on show at the opening of the new church in Ballinacree in 1960. One of its last parades was at the Tain walk undertaken by Donagh O Dualing as he passed through the area in 1987.

It was refurbished in the 1980’s by Emily Naper followed by some restoration work by Cliodna Devitt. A temporary job was done on it in 1911 by Muirne Lydon before a final repair job was done in 2013 before hanging it in its case in the Heritage room

Among the many people involved with the banner over the years were Jimmy and John Gibney and Pat Hussey Moate who looked after it before it was brought into the Community Centre.